Have you met our implant team?

We present to you the Durham City Smiles dental implant team: Kirsty, Vicky, Lisa and Kevin.

The team are very well trained in assisting you with any queries you might have about dental implants, and have been specially selected for their experience, keenness and helpful attitude. We want to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

All dental implant surgery is carried out under sterile conditions using appropriate protocols as set by the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and all instruments are sterilised to the highest standards.

We use the lastest equipment for your surgery and carry out your treatment in a beautiful, spacious surgery. You will notice we give you plenty of time, so there is no rush, and we carry our your treatment to the highest level.

The dental implant system we use is Nobel Biocare, with a very solid track record, backed by long-term documented evidence. We think it's the clever choice. Nobel Biocare still manufacture parts for their earlier implant systems. So if the implants need to be changed to hold a bridge instead of a single tooth further down the line, the chances of being able to find a part that matches and works ith your implants are very high, and your investment doesn't go to waste.

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COVID SECURE - Our practice remains OPEN and welcoming patients. We have introduced several ways to keep you safe, take a look for more information.