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Sports Mouthguards


It’s very easy for a wayward elbow to catch someone’s mouth in many sports: football, basketball even netball (which is supposed to be non-contact, but not the way I’ve seen it played!). Then there is the odd backhand at squash, something of which I have personal experience!


Custom-made mouthguard

But it is the more physical contact sports such as rugby, hockey and the martial arts that people normally equate with dental injury, which is why all participants should wear mouthguards.

Here at Durham City Smiles we provide custom-made mouthguards. Our dentist will take an impression and our dental technician will construct a custom-made mouthguard, which will fit your teeth exactly and protect them properly. Custom-made mouthguards can prevent damage to the jaw, neck and even the brain, helping to prevent the concussion and damage caused by a heavy blow.

We can provide these mouthguards:

  • In a double or triple (reinforced) laminate form; these are retentive and comfortable and so are more likely to be worn in the mouth.
  • In custom colours; team colours and/or with a motif incorporated eg. English Rose, Cross of St Andrews etc.

Our prices start from £55 for a double thickness and £85 for a triple thickness mouth guard, however the cost may be more depending on colour and design complexity.

But what price would you put on your smile?


Graeme explains why a custom-made mouthguard is important:


If you would like a custom-made mouthguard, or have any queries, please call us on 0191 384 4447.